World now viewing Trump anti-Iran show with skepticism: US politician

IRNA – Member of US Green Party questioned Washington’s anti-Iran evidence on arming the Houthis in Yemen, saying the world is now watching Trump’s shows with skepticism.

“Countries’ representatives might view the evidence with skepticism after the incredible deception ‎perpetrated by Colin Powell with his animation passing off as realia. If the obvious goal of the ‎US is to scuttle any future cooperation with Iran, it’s not likely to be accepted, especially by the ‎European Union which does a fair amount of trade with Iran,” Myles Hoenig said Monday in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

“The world community knows that the US has never been an equal partner in any international struggle ‎and being the superpower that it is, has always taken one side or the other, and often by providing ‎them with means to carry out their war, either as a proxy for the US or quite simply for the armaments ‎industry,” he said responding to a question on how reliable US anti-Iran evidence is.

The UN Security Council Ambassadors are visiting Washington DC for an exclusive tour of the ‎missile debris that the US alleged were sent by Iran to Yemen.

“The US has been a belligerent nation with regards to Iran since the time of Mosaddegh (Iran’s prime minister in 1953) with a ‎brief respite during the Shah dictatorship. All in the world community would naturally view any ‎evidence directed at Iran with suspicion,” he added.

“Probably, the last time the US went to the United Nations with credible evidence of apparent ‎belligerence from a competing nation was when Adlai Stevenson addressed the world during the ‎Cuban Missile Crisis 56 years ago. Whether it be the fake attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin to ‎Saddam Hussein’s troops throwing babies out of incubators onto the hospital floor, the US’s ‎credibility is only ‘accepted’ due to the enormous power behind it. Countries have often gone to ‎war over manufactured evidence but it’s the nature of being a superpower that one can get away ‎with it,” he said commenting on another question regarding the impact of the US recent anti-Iran claims to persuade international community.

The US envoy to UN Nikki Haley in a recent Twitter message released a photo of a hose labeled “Made IN Iran” saying “We brought the Security Council to DC to see first-hand evidence from the Department of Defense of Iran’s illegal weapons program. These violations cannot continue.”

Elaborating on Haley’s activities as whether being able to change the position of the members of the Security Council to ‎back the policies of President Trump against Iran, he said‎, “Our European allies no longer see the US playing a positive relevant role in world affairs. ‎Trump’s isolationism counters European involvement in world affairs and his America First ‎philosophy harkens back to pre-WW2 isolationism as well as to an era threatened with Nazism ‎and Fascism. It is ironic that it is Obama who brought Nazis back into the European government ‎of Ukraine while Trump is bringing it into the White House with his white supremacists advisors ‎and staffers. One thing that does seem clear, though, is that if it were Hillary Clinton and not ‎Trump, this charade would not be any different.’

“It’s always possible to make modifications in any agreement but in all likelihood it would be to ‎satisfy Trump’s ego, not affect the fundamentals of the agreement. Trump has already been ‎rebuked by his allies for attempting to pull out of the agreement so any substantive change is ‎not likely. One problem Iran faces is that the US Congress, after it finds itself wiping egg off of ‎its face with its McCarthyist witch hunt for Russians hacking our elections is that it can soon see ‎Iran as the newest threat to world peace,” Hoenig said commenting on US Administration demand to modify the Nuclear Agreement.

He went on to say that “the US always needs a boogieman and an Iranian is likely to replace Putin in that role. ‘

“What the US does is pick a country to target and select one person to personify their ‘evilness’, ‎and that’s where the US usually refers to that person as the new Hitler,” he reiterated.

On the role of different lobby groups in the Congress to increase tensions between the US ‎and Iran, Hoenig said there are two lobbying groups that are most active in creating friction between the US and ‎Iran. One would be Christian evangelical Zionists, who support Israel in all its positions as it sees ‎Israel fulfilling Biblical prophesy towards the Second Coming of Christ. We see such individuals as Vice President Pence representing that fringe. The ‎other group is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, an unregistered lobby for ‎the Israel. It is so powerful that any criticism of Israel in media, politics, or academia ‎means the end of one’s career. The irony here is that one is more likely to see strong criticism ‎of Israel in Israel than in the US.‎