China says will reopen Iranians’ blocked accounts

MNA – China called on Iranians to reopen their accounts blocked previously in this country for a series of issues.

Vice Chairman of Iran and China Chamber of Commerce Majid-Reza Hariri revealed the above remark and called on Iranians with their blocked accounts in China to embark on reopening new accounts.

Given the above issue, China has taken giant strides for the improvement of banking relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said, adding, “China’s ABC Bank has urged those Iranians whose accounts had been blocked in China over the past months to reopen accounts, so that they have been requested to refer to the selected branches for this purpose.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Hariri said, “Iranian Consulate General in Shanghai has officially announced this issue but Chinese recent move indicastes that misunderstanding occurred between Iran and China has been removed completely.”

It is hoped that this amicable relationship between Iran and China will be settled completely in the very near future, he maintained.

He reiterated, “Iran and China Joint Chamber of Commerce has also called on Iranians residing in China to report their banking problems to the Bank of China (BoC) and Iranian Embassy in China directly.”