Rouhani doubles down on Iran’s conservatives with ‘digital economy’ plan

Al-Monitor- After receiving criticism for unblocking the popular social media app Telegram, which was closed over the recent protests that rocked Iran, President Hassan Rouhani is not retreating from his position. In fact, his administration is reportedly preparing to spend money to create more digital jobs and attempt to bring Iran up to date in the cyberworld.

According to the president’s news agency, the Cabinet meeting Jan. 17 was devoted to discussing a “digital economy.” Rouhani said that the internet “drastically changes the understanding of employment, especially when it comes to services.” He added that it is possible to benefit from this field in order to support the government’s efforts to “increase domestic capacities.”

Presumably to the more conservative-minded officials and religious leaders who seek more control of the internet, Rouhani said that an inability to understand the speed of changes taking place online will cause a fissure with the younger generation. He added, “The administration must not fall behind the world in its efforts to develop the field of cyberspace.”

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