First Iranian orchestra conductor at Fajr Music Festival

Hispan TV– The city of Tehran (Iranian capital) hosts more than 30 music bands from around the world in the 33rd ‘Fayr International Music Festival’ of Iran. In this event, the first and only director of the Iranian orchestra, National Orchestra Naghme Baran, has impressed the audience.

Bringing some of the most beautiful Persian orchestral pieces to a crowded concert hall, Nozhat Amiri became the first woman to direct the Naran Baran National Orchestra of Iran; performing pieces composed by prominent musicians such as Hossein Dehlavi, Homayun Khorram and Morteza Hannaneh.

In a world where even today some doubt that a woman will lead an orchestra, Nozhat Amiri says she owes everything to the support she received from her husband, and the friends who believed in her abilities.

Ms. Amiri, a master’s degree in music from the University of Tehran, conducted an orchestra founded by veteran composer Hossein Dehlavi in ​​2005, a collaboration that did not last long, but paved the way to the Bagh Naghme National Orchestra.

Today, Nozhat Amiri proudly represents Iranian women in a growing group of women who break one of the last limits of the Persian music industry: take the director’s baton!

Mohammad Hossein Maddi, Tehran.