IRGC Commander: US driven out from East Mediterranean to Red Sea

FNA- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami referred to Washington’s repeated failures in its regional plots, stressing that the US has been driven out from the East Mediterranean region to the Red Sea now.

The US scandals and their repeated defeats in the world helps Islam to broaden its might day by day globally, thought the US officials have spent billions of dollars to sponsor Islamophobia in the world but to no avail, General Salami said, addressing a meeting in the Northwestern city of Tabriz on Thursday.

The US not only has lost its power in Iran but also they have been driven out from the eastern Mediterranean to the Red Sea, he said.

The American employed all means and leverages to bring us to our knees in the past 40 years but vigilance of the Iranian people and wisdom of their Supreme Leader disappointed them, General Salami said.

Taking advantage of satellites, global networking, biggest economic might and powerful military domination has brought them nothing except consecutive defeats, he underlined.

In relevant remarks in November, General Salami underlined Iran’s undeniable power in the region, noting that Washington no more speaks of the military option against Tehran.

“The US officials don’t even think of the military option anymore and the US knows that if the capacities of Jihad are activated with all its capabilities, then there will be no Israeli regime left in the near future and if any new war is waged, it will be the US forces who should leave the region,” General Salami said, addressing the participants in rallies on the occasion of Student Day and the National Day of Campaign against Arrogance in the Central city of Qom.

Stressing Iran’s regional power, he said, “Today Iran’s role and power is clear and undeniable in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.”