10 Persian Leopards spotted in Fars Nat’l Park

Financial Tribune- A survey conducted to estimate the Persian leopard’s population has revealed that at least 10 were living in Bamou National Park in the southern Fars Province. The survey was carried out by the park’s management office, in collaboration with a private NGO named Pars Wildlife, from July 21 to Nov. 21 covering an area of 320 square kilometers by 21 camera traps, Mehr News Agency reported.

According to Ali Arandi, the head of the office, among the pictures captured from many species in the area, at least 10 Persian leopards were observed, of which six were adult and four were cubs. However, further studies are underway and the number could increase. The official added that of the six adults, two are male and four are female. Three females had cubs. The presence of 10 leopards in the region is a sign of hope for the wildlife.

Persian leopards are among the most endangered species in the world. It has been listed as “endangered” in the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Iran is one of their main habitats.

Reduced prey population and shrinkage of their natural habitat are threatening the big cats. Due to its wide distribution, protecting the endangered species will also help conserve the populations of other animals that share the same habitat. Bamou National Park is one of the main habitats of the Persian leopard as well as several other threatened species such as jungle cat, wildcat, wild goat, lesser mouse-tailed bat and owl.