Lack of proper understanding of developments in cyberspace leads to generation gap The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed the report of the National Centre of Cyberspace regarding “Cyberspace Economy”.

President stressed that there is a need to develop a proper understanding of the speed of developments in cyberspace, adding: “Lack of proper understanding of the speed of developments in cyberspace and its effects leads to generation gap”.

He added: “This space includes in individual, family, social and economic life of people and is causing dramatic shifts in concepts of employment in an outstanding speed”.

“Effective use of cyberspace with an emphasis on strengthening national sovereignty and efforts to increase indigenous capacity and preventing harms requires more investment,” continued the President.

He continued: “The government must work hard not to let the country fall behind the global process of the development of cyberspace economy”.