US using Pakistan as ‘scapegoat’ due to recent losses in region

MNA – Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Raza Rabbani said Wed. that the US has been using Pakistan as a ‘scapegoat’ due to its recent losses in the Middle East, adding that Pakistan has paid a high price since then.

Ali Larijani sat with the Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Raza Rabbani on the sidelines of the 13th session of Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC) Conference on Wednesday in Tehran.

During the meeting, the Pakistani official slammed Washington’s approach in using his country as a ‘scapegoat’ due to the Western country’s recent losses in the Middle East region, adding “we have paid a high price for this. The US even cut off its military assistance to us due to our vote in condemnation of Trump’s decision to relocate US embassy to Jerusalem.”

He also touched upon the good relations between Iran and Pakistan, noting that the Wednesday visit was his second in the last six months with Iranian Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani.

He further expressed hope that the PUIC’s statement that would be released today at the end of the conference would further strengthen relations among the Muslim countries.

Ali Larijani, for his part, noted the common enemies facing Iran and Pakistan, calling for stronger relations between the two sides in a bid to foil any disruptive plot hatched by the US.

Larijani also called for development of economic and security cooperation with Pakistan, saying the rise in the level of cooperation in the past few months indicates the appropriate decisions made by the two countries.