Syria pans US plan to set up Kurdish border forces as breach of sovereignty

Alwaght– Syrian strongly condemned the US announcement of setting up a 30,000-strong force from the Kurdish-dominated SDF militias on its territories as a blatant breach of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and a flagrant violation of the International law.

The US-led coalition’s plan to set up such a force on the basis of the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) veterans, who are set to make up half of the recruits, was unveiled by US Army Col. Thomas Veale, a spokesman for the US-led coalition, on Saturday.

Syrian Foreign Ministry in a statement issued on Monday said “The US step came within the framework of its destructive policies which aim at fragmenting the region, fueling tensions and conflicts and hindering solutions to its crises as it clearly shows its hostility towards the Arab Nation in order to implement the US-Zionist scheme,” State-run SANA news agency reported.

The ministry further called on “the international community to denounce this American step and take action to put an end to the domination mentality and arrogance which govern the US Administration’s policies,” and warned about the provocative move’s “negative consequences on international peace and security”.

The statement also warned Syrian citizens the US-backed militias, saying those who takes part in border force will be considered and treated as a traitor to the Syrian state and people.

“These militias will hinder reaching to a political solution to the situation in Syria,” the statement reads.

The statement concluded by renewing the Syrian people and army’s steadfastness and determination to thwart this conspiracy, end the presence of the US, its agents and tools in Syria, establish full control over the entire Syrian territory and preserve the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of its people.

Russia considers the militia contrary to its interests

In reaction to US announcement of its so-called Border Security Forces plan Chairman of the Defense Committee of Russia’s State Duma Vladimir Shamanov said Moscow and its partners will undertake measures, Sputnik reported.

Asked if such actions of the US-led coalition are against the interests of Russia in Syria, Shamanov said “[Such a behavior by the US-led coalition] stands in direct confrontation [with Russia’s interests], and we and our colleagues will certainly undertake certain measures on stabilization of the situation in Syria”.

Turkey angry with US plan

Turkey has already reacted to the reported US plan. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s representative Ibrahim Kalin stated that such move is unacceptable and “worrying.” Later, the Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued a statement condemning the plans of the United States to create the forces, also noting that the coalition did not hold consultations with Turkey about the creation of such forces.

The harshest response to US plot came by Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag who said on Monday the US is creating a “terrorist army” under the guise of border security forces in northern Syria. The US is “Playing with fire,” Bozdag warned.