Iran ready to deepen ties with Algeria Speaking at the meeting with the Speaker of People’s National Assembly of Algeria Said Bouhadja, President Rouhani referred to the developing relations between the two friend and revolutionary countries, saying: “We must work towards full development of relations and partnerships”.

Dr Hassan Rouhani also referred to the necessity of developing economic cooperation of Iran and Algeria, including in the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) and added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop its relations and cooperation with Algeria in other fields of business and economy, investment, and the transfer of new technologies”.

Referring to close views of the two countries on regional and international issues, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, the Islamic world faces many problems and the two countries must work together to resolve issues of the region and the Islamic world”.

The President described securing the rights of the Palestinian people, fighting terrorism in the region and helping to resolve problems in some Islamic countries, such as Yemen, whose people are involved in war and suffering from many diseases as very important issues.

“Iran’s strong will is to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries in all scientific, cultural, commercial, economic and political fields,” Rouhani said.

Dr Rouhani noted: “The development of Tehran-Algerian parliamentary relations can play a positive role in deepening relations between the two countries and achieve common goals”.

The Speaker of People’s National Assembly of Algeria Said Bouhadja expressed condolences over the passing of a group of Iranian sailors in Sanchi tanker to the Iranian government and nation, adding: “The two countries’ relations are positive and developing and we need to develop relations and cooperation between the two countries and speed up the implementation of agreements”.

“By strengthening ties and cooperation and using capacities, we can resist against the conspiracies of the enemies,” he continued.