Ilam Petrochemical Unit to be inaugurated next spring

MNA – Ilam Petrochemical Sulfur Dismantling Unit will be inaugurated next spring.

The Ilam Petrochemical Sulfur Dismantling Unit will be inaugurated next spring, according to the managing director of the National Iranian Petrochemical Company Seyed Reza Norouz-zadeh. During his inspection of Ilam Petrochemical Complex on Sunday, Norouz-zadeh said that the Ilam Petrochemical Sulfur Degradation Unit has made a very good progress in the last two years. He said that the refinery’s operations will be completed by the end of the current Iranian year [ending March 2018] and will be operational in the first quarter of the next Iranian year.

He went on to say that the progression of the two projects, olefin and SRU (sulfur distillation unit), has been very satisfactory and will become operational after the issues are duly solved.

He said that he was present in Ilam Province during the Iran-Iraq war and witnessed firsthand the hardships the province’s residents had to endure during those years. He added that Ilam Petrochemical Company has played an important role in eliminating the difficulties in the province and has made considerable contribution to creation of employment among the local residents.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the Persian Gulf Holding Adel Nejad Salim said that 89% of the work at the Ilam Petrochemical Complex has been completed. Speaking on Sunday while he was accompanying Norouz-zadeh, he said, “This project has the capacity of producing 450,000 tons of ethylene a year. He said that the work has progressed very well in the past three years.

He said that the latest evaluations have shown that the work is at the final stages and the project is expected to become operational early next Iranian year [starting March].
He noted that the refinery’s petrochemical products are of the highest quality and more than 80% of its products will be marketed internationally.