Zarif extends condolences over Iran tanker crew’s deaths

IRNA – Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs issued a condolence message on Sunday to the families of the crew of the Iranian oil tanker over their passing away.

‘Over past few days, we Iranians were worried about our children trapped in the Sanchi oil tanker thousands of kilometers away from home on the limitless waters,’ wrote the message.

Calling the deceased Iranian crew ‘hard-working and anonymous’, Zarif wrote that they had tried hard and tolerated many hardships to preserve the national interest of Iran and now they have ‘become immortalized in the flames’.

He also said that all the relevant authorities did their best to save them, but the fate was something else and now ‘we are all bereaved’.

Zarif called on his ministry and all the relevant organizations to follow up the issue and the reasons of it and restore the rights of Iranian people and the bereaved families.

Expressing sorrow about ‘martyr-like death of the crew of the Sanchi’, he prayed for the deceased and wished their families patience.