Iran’s 33rd Fajr Music Festival underway in Tehran with over 90 performances

Press TV – Iran’s 33rd Fajr Music Festival is underway in the capital city of Tehran with several Iranian and international musicians and ensembles performing in various genres.

Over 90 performances are scheduled to be delivered during the 10-day event, from January 10 to 20, in six festival halls in Tehran.

The genres of the performances include traditional Iranian music as well as classical, orchestral, pop and fusion music.

The event will grant 16 Barbad Awards to the best singers, musicians and albums in seven genres.

The secretariat of the festival is currently examining 200 works for receiving Barbad Award.

This year, pop music performances attracted significantly less number of audience compared with the previous years.

Commentators have criticized the organizers of the festival for their lack of success in using the real potential of the Iranian music, including the absence of prominent music maestros and vocalists from different genres at the event.

Watch some of the performances of the second and third nights of the 33rd Fajr Music Festival in pictures (Photos by IRNA):

India’s prominent Sitar player Shahid Parviz Khan performs at Vahdat Hall in Tehran on January 12, 2018. (Photo by IRNA)