Rescue Teams ready to enter stricken tanker if temperature allows: Iran

SHANA – Iran says relief and rescue teams will find a way into the ablaze Iran oil tanker provided that the temperature cools to a bearable level.

Ali Rabiei, head of the ad hoc committee of the Iranian Oil tanker rescue operation, said search and rescue team will enter the tanker’s engine room once the fire is controlled and temperature is bearable.
He said the golden time to save the hopefully alive tanker crew is not over yet and the rescue teams will do whatever they can to enter the tanker.
Mr. Rabiei, who is also the Iranian minister of cooperative, labor and social welfare, said in Friday that three fireboats from Japan and China began the firefighting operation early on Friday, and expressed optimism that blaze will be controlled on the same day.
He said the fireboats have so far splashed a massive volume of foam on the blaze and all the forces are on alert to render the required services.
He said a thermometer is calculating the tanker’s temperature to see whether rescue teams can enter the vessel’s engine room.
Rabiei further said that search operations will begin as soon the tanker’s temperature cools down.
Sanchi tanker which was carrying 970,000 barrels of gas condensate to South Korea collided with a Chinese balk freighter on Saturday evening. The tanker is now 190 miles off Japan’s Okinawa.
A Japanese fireboat is dispatched to the spot to help firefighting operations.