Intelligence min. says security, justice for all in Islamic Establishment

MNA – Mahomoud Alavi, the Intelligence Minister of Iran says that the Islamic Establishment is responsible to provide equal benefit from security and justice for all the people.

“The Islamic Establishment is not to practice special tastes but it is a system to serve all the people inside the establishment according the letter of Quranic verses and literature,” said Mahomoud Alavi, the Intelligence Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran after underlining the equal right of all members of the society to have security and justice.

The official made the remarks at a ceremony in the capital city of South Khorasan Province, Birjand, on Saturday.

“In an Islamic government, all the officials should be heartedly at the service of people to serve them with expecting no rewards from the recipient of services,” reiterated the Iranian minister.

He then highlighted that briefing the three branches of the Establishment and the armed forces is the responsibility of the intelligence ministry and called for more synergy between state bodies in Iran.

He also called for the rule of mind over emotions in intelligence problems.