EU deeply concerned over minor detainees’ condition in Israeli prisons

FNA – The European Union (EU) on Friday expressed deep concern over the condition of two minors who were detained and prosecuted by the Israeli authorities.

In a press statement, the EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah expressed their deep concern regarding the circumstances of the recent arrests of two Palestinian minors, Ahed Tamimi and Fawzi Muhammad al-Juneidi, as well as the fatal shooting by Israeli security forces of another Palestinian minor, 17-year old Musaab al-Tamimi, during protests in the occupied West Bank in early January, WAFA reported.

The EU Missions estimated that more than 300 Palestinian children are currently being held in Israeli military detention.

The EU recalled “the importance of respecting and protecting the rights of the child, including and in particular during arrest, detention and judicial procedures.”

It called on Israel to respond proportionately to protests, and open investigations following fatalities, in particular when involving a minor.

The EU and EU Missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah reiterated that they “continue to promote and protect the rights of the child” and called on Israel to “act accordingly, as the occupying power and duty bearer, in relation to the occupied Palestinian territories as they fall under Israeli military law.”

“The use of administrative detention of children without formal charge is of particular concern,” the statement concluded.

The Israeli army frequently carries out wide-ranging arrest campaigns in the West Bank on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians.

According to Palestinian official figures, more than 7,000 Palestinians, including women and minors, are currently held in detention facilities throughout Israel.