Hojatoleslam Mohammad Jafar Montazeri

Iran rejects certain reports on detainees of recent unressts

IRNA – Iran’s Prosecutor General on Thursday rejected certain biased reports about a number of detainees of the recent unrests in the country saying reports on suicide of one of the protesters in a jail in southern Iran was ‘fake’ and ‘not true’.

‘The reports on the suicide of one of the detainees in the city of Dezful [in khuzestan Province] are not true,’ Mohammad Jafar Montazeri told reporters in Tehran.

‘A number of the protesters arrested during the riots in recent weeks have been freed,’ he said.

‘Investigations are under way on the suicide of one of the protesters who died in prison,’ said the official.

Some contradictory reports have been published by Iran’s oppositions in exile on the fate of the protesters who were detained during the recent unrest in Iran which began in late December 2017 with sporadic protests against economic hardships and developed into violent riots due to provocations that were steered from outside Iran.