Bahram Qassemi

US resolution on Iran protests unacceptable, reprehensible: Foreign Ministry

Press TV – Iran has strongly rejected as “unacceptable and reprehensible” a resolution passed by the US House of Representatives in support of a recent wave of violence in the country.  

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Wednesday criticized the “unwise and irrational” approach of the US to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, saying it constituted a violation of international rules and regulations.

Nearly two weeks ago, some peaceful protests were held in certain Iranian cities against rising prices and the overall economic condition of the country. Limited numbers of violent individuals, some of them armed, later sought to turn the peaceful protests into street riots. However, the original protesters soon heeded calls by authorities to leave the streets so that their activities would not play into the hands of violent rioters.

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution in support of the protests in Iran.

“Measures like the ratification of this resolution and hostile remarks and moves by the (US) administration… against the brave Iranian nation… are well known to the wise Iranian people and are part of a doomed policy,” Qassemi said.

He also said the US hostility towards Iran stems from “the greedy and domineering nature of American rulers.”

The Iranian official said adopting such resolutions was a “hackneyed, politically-motivated” move, noting that the US government has demonstrated its double standards with regard to Iran by falsely claiming to advocate the Iranian people and the same time targeting the nation by imposing sanctions and harboring malicious intentions towards them.

Qassemi added that the Iranian nation would give an appropriate response to the US measure at an appropriate time.

The adoption of the anti-Iran resolution by the US House of Representatives was not Washington’s first meddlesome move.

US President Donald Trump was quick to tweet strong support for the recent protests in Iran.

In another meddlesome move, the US also called for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to address the protests in Iran.

During the January 5 session, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley gave an exaggerated account of the riots and said Washington would remain steadfastly behind the Iranian “protesters.”

In response, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the United States had shamed itself by trying to target the Islamic Republic at the UNSC meeting, noting that Washington “abuses its permanent membership at the Security Council and calls for a meeting [on Iran], and there, the world countries slap the US in the face.”

He pointed to the new US administration’s mistakes in dealing with Iranian people, noting that the White House “keeps hitting rock bottom in the wrong approaches it has chosen to deal with the Iranian nation.”