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EU to encourage US not to withdraw from JCPOA

MNA – Former British ambassador to Washington said in Tehran that the EU is concerned about the American decision on JCPOA, adding that they will urge the White House not to withdraw from the deal.

Speaking at a panel entitled ‘arms trends and regional security in West Asia’ as part of Tehran Security conference on Monday afternoon, Sir Peter John Wesmacott, former British ambassador to Turkey, France, and most recently to the United States, said that no negotiation is one-sided, adding “we in the European Union are concerned about America’s decision on Iran nuclear deal, so we are urging the White House not to leave or undermine it.”

He described the nuclear deal with Iran as a good example of cooperation among the international community in order to prevent a war from taking place and stressed that the international community should put aside the ethnic and religious differences.

Wesmacott added that dialogue is the best solution for improving the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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