Enemy after unrest in Iran: Hezbollah MP

IRNA – A senior member of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance group said the enemy is after turmoil in Iran and what happened recently in the Iranian cities was an indication of democracy in the country.

Enemy is trying to hurt Iran as ‘the castle of Resistance movement,’ Nawwaf Moussawi, a member of Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliament said in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

What occurred in Iran during the past few days showed the power of the Islamic system in the country, Moussawi said.

About the issue of Palestine, the lawmaker said the Resistance Front has taken a firm stance on Palestine and will not let the enemies impose their plans on the issue.

Moussawi made his remarks commenting on the US President Donald Trump’s December 6 decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy Quds. The United Nation General Assembly resolution to reject the US decision on the Holy Quds got 128 votes in favor and nine against on December 21.

The senior Lebanese MP also described the relations between Hezbollah and the Palestinian cause as permanent.

Talking of the internal situation of Lebanon and the November 4 resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, he said Saudi Arabia was to make use of the resignation crisis and wage a civil war in Lebanon.

The resignation crisis proved that even the Europeans are after peace in Lebanon because their interests will be served by tranquility, he added.

One of the reasons which made the Saudis angry from Hezbollah was the victory over the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS), the Hezbollah member concluded.