All options on table for Iran on nuclear deal: FM Spox

IRNA – If the US statesmen make a mistake about the nuclear agreement, Iran’s reaction will make them regret it, said the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday.

‘The announcement of US decision is due July 13, we don’t prejudge and will wait until then,’ said Bahram Qasemi answering a question regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal.

He also said Iran’s policy has long been predicting all the possible scenarios and different options are on the table of Iran and will quickly use the ones suiting the US decision.

‘The JCPOA is an international deal. The US government is bound to exercise it according to the primary agreement. Their quitting the deal or any other illogical move will face a proper and strong one.’

‘The outcome of these decisions is of importance both for us and for the Americans,’ he added.