ISIL facing decline in military strength

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that ISIL, the most terrible representative of extremism in the region, has fallen into sharp decline in terms of its military force.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended the second Tehran Security Conference on Monday morning, saying “the conference is being held at a time when western Asia is undergoing the hardest of times throughout its history.”

“Extremism which pushed the region into one of its most difficult and devastating periods is facing eradication, and ISIL, the most terrible instance of extremism in the region, has fallen into steep decline in terms of its military forces. ISIL self-proclaimed caliphate that rose to power through fear mongering has also been destroyed.”

“Syrian and Iraqi people and government opposed ISIL bravely for the last 6 years and achieved numerous victories, and we are glad that we supported the nations of these two countries under the said conditions,” Zarif added.

The 2nd Tehran Security Conference on challenges facing regional security in West Asia has opened in the Iranian capital on Monday morning with over 200 Iranian and foreign political dignitaries in attendance.