Iranian envoy praises Turkey’s stance on recent Iran unrests

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian said on Saturday that Turkish officials adopted a correct stance towards recent unrests in Iran, as they have had a clear understanding about Iran developments and provocative elements in the region.

Talking to reporters on Saturday, he said, “Our neighbors, especially Turkey adopted a logical stance vis-à-vis recent riots in certain Iranian cities.”

Referring to constructive dialogues between the Iranian and Turkish foreign ministers, he said that the two countries’ presidents also have had detailed talks on bilateral ties, regional developments and Iran’s recent developments.

‘Fortunately, the US plot in the UN Security Council on Iran domestic developments was turned into another disgrace to the Trump administration’s crisis-creating foreign policy through opposition of members of the council and their support to nuclear deal, officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA),’ Taherian said.

Elaborating on the reasons behind raising domestic issues of a soverign country in UN Security Council, he said that the council is not a venue for discussing internal issues of the countries. If it were, US president and certain officials should have been questioned as violators of the American nation’s rights.

‘Currently, independent countries and members of the international community are unanimously on the path of seriously opposing US administration’s destructive policies, Iran’s ambassador said.

Noting that Iran derives its power from its people, he added that Trump’s threats are not posed at Iran alone; rather he has taken aim at regional and international peace and security, misusing certain countries’ negligence.