Tehran urges Spanish media to avoid bias while reporting on Iran

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Spain Mohammad Hassan Fadaeifard in a letter on Friday called on directors of Spanish media outlets to stick to their professional mission while reporting from Iran and avoid misleading public opinion.

Iran is a multicultural country with a population of over 80 million comprising various ethnic groups which had a peaceful coexistence with each other during the history and have courageously defended their country against threats and attacks of enemies, said the ambassador in a letter addressing Spanish media directors.

He urged the Spanish media to reflect Iran’s realities and avoid providing a tarnished image of the country.

The ambassador made the remarks while criticizing the Spanish media approach to reflect recent public protests in Iran.

Like every civilized country, law serves as a yardstick in Iran for the government and citizens’ behavior, Ambassador Fadaeifard stressed.

He noted that legitimate and legal demands of the citizens are supported by law and administration and other branches of government are accountable to response and pursue popular demands.

Those violating public rights and disrupting social order must stay responsible for their actions.

Except several countries and regimes which used to threaten Iran all the time and doomed in their anti-Iran plots, none of the members of the international community has backed rioters and violators of social discipline in Iran, Fadaeifard added.

Referring to the evidence on direct role of several foreign countries in encouraging rioters to commit violent acts such as attacking police stations to access weapons, the ambassador recalled that the Iranian nation was quick to declare their hatred toward those behind the riots during massive turnouts in various cities nationwide in the past couple of days.

Fadaeifard pointed to long-time unrests and fierce clashes between the people and police forces in different countries including Spain last year, saying that the Islamic Republic has always been harbinger of avoiding violence, holding democratic dialogue and pursuing legitimate demands through legal channels, while it shunned interfering in other countries’ domestic affairs.

Fadaeifard hoped that Spanish media would exercise political intelligence in their mission and would avoid releasing reports that may be interpreted as distracting public attention from Iranian realities and backing of those inciting unrests in the countries.

He also pointed out that Iran, as a key player both in the fight against Daesh Takfiri terrorists and in region’s political equilibrium in post-Daesh era, is at the peak of its might and regional clout, and it will never shake with the usual social shocks.

Iran’s might and security are indebted to public support and it upholds the right for the public to express their democratic protests and political, civil and guild demands through legal means, he said.