Recent riots in Iran plotted in Erbil: Rezaie

MNA – Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council and Mohsen Rezaei, , said that the recent riots in Iran were the result of a joint operation of Saddam’s loyalists, MKO members, US, Saudi Arabia, and Barzanis.

“The scenario designed by MKO members, monarchists, and US put into practice in Iran in recent days was plotted months earlier in Erbil of Iraq,” said the Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei.

He made the remarks on Saturday morning during his weekly presser, touching upon the recent days’ riots in some major cities of Iran.

“Some months ago the CIA head of Special Activities Division (SAD), held a meeting in Erbil with the Chief of staff of Saddam’s son Qusay Saddam Hussein, Saddam’s brother-in-law, Barzanis’ representative, MKO representatives, and Saudi Arabian agents,” recounted the Iranian official and former IRGC commander-in-chief.

“In this meeting, the date and time for the operation was defined,” he added, “it was agreed to start in late December, using the cyber space, and to follow the scenario of toppling the establishment in January and February, with operation codenamed as ‘the Strategy of Resultive Convergence’,” recounted Mr. Rezaei.

“They imagined they could usurp the control of all cities from the appointed officials to get to the second phase and import weapons into Iran to kill some civilians and then in the next phase US would table new anti-Iran sanctions in the UNSC through human rights committee to ease the way for entrance of MKO members,” he said.

“Two or three years ago that Saudi security officials attended the MKO convention in Paris they plotted the scenario,” asserted the Iranian official.

“All those who had been punished in the last 40 years by the Islamic Revolution played role in recent riots,” he added.