Top Iranian officials slam US remarks over protest rallies

January 5, The Iran Project – Iran robustly censured the US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and other American officials’ meddling remarks to support violence and unrest in the country.

In recent days, rallies were held across the country in protest to the economic situation which have turned to violence in some parts.

The US interventionist moves was strongly slammed by Iran’s Permanent Mission to the UN as well as several top Iranian legislators.

Iran’s Permanent Mission to the UN announced in a statement that the United States is supporting violence and arson in Iran in order to conceal the defeat of Washington’s and its allies’ policies in the region.

The Iran’s UN mission further voiced disgust at the “crocodile tears” of Trump’s administration for the Iranian nation, saying the people of Iran still remember Washington’s support for the Pahlavi monarchy.

Meanwhile, members of Iranian Parliament on Wednesday (Jan. 3) condemned US officials’ intervening remarks about recent protests in Iran.

“Interfering in the affairs of the other courtiers is against the international law; [US President Donald] Trump should know that we won’t let him interfere in Iran,” said a member of Majlis presiding board Gholam-Reza Kateb.

“Iranians have always put their national solidarity and unity against the US and the enemies of the country on display,” he added.

Also member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Majlis Mohammad-Ebrahim Rezaee said, “Iranians are against any unrest and defend the Islamic establishment with might, solidarity, and empathy.”

“The Islamic Revolution defeated all the strategies and approaches of the superpowers, especially the US, in Western Asia,” the MP noted.

Abolfazl Hassan-Beigi a member of the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy of Majlis stated that the US is in isolation now, which accounts for the US president’s hasty decisions and moves and other countries’ indifference.

“Had the United Nation Security Council accepted Haley’s request to hold an emergency session on Iran, based on the same logic, the UN had to hold meetings on the American people’s discontent and suppression every day,” said Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh a member of the Committee of National Security and Foreign Policy of Majlis .

He went on to say that the US tried to impose its contradictory and interfering approach on other countries, but they didn’t brook it.