Iran’s embassy in London protests media hype in UK

IRNA – Iran’s embassy in London in a letter to the Office of Communications, known as ‘Ofcom’ objected to the media hype by some Persian-language media in Britain during the recent unrests in Iran.

An informed source at the embassy told IRNA on Thursday that the letter pointed to the clear violation of domestic law in Britain as well as international laws by some UK-based Persian-language media have tried in recent days to persuade Iranian protesters for a riot and armed conflict.

The letter asked to stop unhealthy news making by such media with the aim to protect professional dissemination of information and take necessary measures.

Iran’s Ambassador to Britain Hamid Baeedinejad wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday that in these days all are talking about the negative dimensions of Iran’s street protests, but this positive point of the developments were ignored that people, generally, did not support violent move and in spite of a great deal of economical and social demands were not eager to follow them through violent acts.

Iranian people marched in the streets on Wednesday and Thursday, January 3-4, to condemn recent unrests and interferences of aliens in Iran’s domestic affairs.