Recent unrests in Iran foreign plot: Top cleric

IRNA – Recent unrests in Iran is part of a foreign plot, the secretary of Iran’s Guardian Council said on Wednesday.

‘Sworn enemies’ of Iran like Saudi Arabia, the US, Israel and the UK support during the unrests showed that they aim to weaken unity among Iran’s Muslim people,’ Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said in a weekly meeting of the Guardian Council members.

The cleric lauded the nationwide rallies across the country in support of the Islamic Republic following the unrests.

He also praised the police and security institutions’ capabilities in controlling the violent protests.

People from all walks of life held rallies across the country on Wednesday to denounce riots and support the Islamic Republic.

The demonstrators renewed their allegiance to the Islamic establishment and slammed the recent violent riots in some small areas.

The demonstrators carried national flag and banners in support of the Islamic Republic and chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ slogans. They also condemned the foreign support for the rioters and lawbreakers.

Iranians in a number of major cities started to protest against the economic situation and shortcomings since December 28, 2017, but the protests turned violent in some parts due to the provocations orchestrated from outside the country.