Lebanese politician urges Trump to solve US issues rather than others

IRNA – Ex-Lebanese Member of Parliament Émile Lahoud urged US President Donald Trump to find a solution to Americans’ problems instead of intervention.

Trump is likely to resign in 2018, the Lebanese news agency quoted Lahoud as saying on Tuesday in reaction to the recent unrest in Iran.

“Despite the fact that Iran faced some demonstrations with the attendance of a limited number of people, they call it an exceptional event,” he said.

“What is happening these days in Iran is less than what intelligence services did with Iran in the past,” Lahoud noted.

“This threat will also be foiled by the Iranian people and government,” he said.

“Iran will remain in the region as an international power and the real ally of big powers,” Lahoud said.

Elsewhere in his remarks he called for some Lebanese groups not to invest on recent incidents in Iran and invited them to focus on their internal issues.

Some cities of Iran have been the scenes of riots during the past days.