Public prosecutor: US is to surf over waves of discontent in Iran

IRNA – Tehran’s Public and Revolution Courts Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi said on Sunday that the US is trying to fish from the troubled waters and surf over waves of dissatisfaction to attain its sinister goals.

At this sensitive juncture, the enemy is to approach through remote places in order to surf over waves of discontent, he said.

Jafari Dolatabadi pointed to the latest Twitter issued by US president Donald Trump, a statement issued by the US, a statement made by the US Secretary of State spokesperson, the supports made by followers of monarchy and the Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO).

Since the US and its Takfiri terrorist groups have suffered defeats in the Middle East region, they are to compensate their losses through surfing over discontent in the country, he said.

In the year 1388 (2009), the enemy erupts sedition under the pretext of fraud in the country’s presidential elections and today they are to implement the same plot under the guise of fight against the economic problems, Jafari Dolatabadi said.

All should bear in their mind that the US is behind the scene and tries to mastermind it, he said.