Shortage of liquidity obstacle for investment in Oman

MNA – The head of Iran-Oman joint chamber of commerce said that shortage of liquidity is the main obstacle for Iranian investment in Oman and called for support from National Development Fund of Iran.

Chairman of Iran-Oman Joint Chamber of Commerce Mohsen Zarrabi held talks with the NDF chairman and said “at present, most infrastructures for increasing bilateral economic relations between Iran and Oman are available and we should use the opportunity provided by Oman in order to increase export.”

For his part, Chairman of National Development Fund of Iran Ahmad Doost Hoseini called Oman a good neighboring country and stated that investment in Oman involves low risk.

Doost Hoseini said that the Fund supports those who export goods or technological, engineering services to Oman. Referring to the contractors who intend to carry out EPC+F projects he said “in case Oman provides acceptable guarantees to Iranian banks, Iranian companies can use the Fund resources.”

In EPC+F contracts, the contractor is responsible for both the executive aspect of the project and providing the financial resources.