Iran’s VP stresses earthquake strengthening

Tasnim – Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri voiced the administration’s resolve to carry out a major plan for strengthening old buildings to minimize damages if an earthquake happens.

Commenting on the rising public concern following a recent increase in seismic activities in the province of Tehran, Jahangiri said the administration is determined to strengthen the weak buildings in old residential areas to prevent severe damages in case of an earthquake.

Pointing to the position of Iran, which lies on many fault lines, the vice president warned that a big earthquake in a metropolis like Tehran could cause huge losses.

He also highlighted the administration’s efforts to strengthen structures in rural areas, saying all of the 6 million rural buildings in Iran are going to be strengthened in short term.

A string of temblors in recent months has raised concerns in Iran.

On November 12, a massive quake hit the western province of Kermanshah, killing more than 620 people and injuring around 10,000 others.

The deadliest quake in Iran’s modern history happened in June 1990, devastating many areas in the northern province of Gilan and killing around 37,000 people.

In 2003, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in the province of Kerman flattened the historic city of Bam, killing more than 26,000 people.