Lavrov: Iran, Russia, Turkey ready to return peace to Syria

IRNA – Iran, Russia and Turkey are ready to bring back peace to Syria, Russian Foreign Minister said.

“I have mentioned the readiness of those who fought each other on the ground to return to peaceful life in de-escalation zones. As for the external players’ readiness, I can only speak for those with whom we are working directly. I think that Iran and Turkey are ready for this, although they have some concerns that do not necessarily coincide with our approach,” Sergey Lavrov said Monday in an interview with Moscow-based ‘Russia Today (RT)’.

“The main thing is that the overwhelming majority of those who were fighting on the ground, and some of those who continue fighting, are ready for this. The creation of four de-escalation zones has demonstrated the willingness of the opposition forces that controlled the situation in each of these zones to launch dialogue with the Syrian Government, to end the bloodshed and to resume peaceful life. This peaceful life is already returning to these regions,” he said responding to a question on the outcomes of the recent Sochi summit.

“We have long been promoting the idea of a new Amman conference and a declaration that would declare the unity of all Muslims. This would benefit everyone and would also help build bridges between the main protagonists in the region,” he said.

He went on to say that “we believe that it is necessary to help Saudi Arabia and Iran hold dialogue. They should stop blaming each other and should sit down for talks to discuss concrete issues of their concern.”

“As large regional powers, they are bound to have interests in adjacent regions. And they need to develop some common rules. We are ready to help them do this. We have long ago proposed a security concept for the Persian Gulf, and it is still on the table,” Lavrov reiterated.