SE Iran quake causes no casualties

IRNA – The 4.3-magnitude earthquake that took place Monday in the village of Hojdak near the city of Ravar southwestern province of Kerman caused no casualties, an official said.

“Rescue teams are now on site,” Kerman Crisis Management Office spokesman Mostafa Ayatollahi Musavi told IRNA.

According to the report of Seismography Genter affiliated to Tehran University’s Geophysics Institute, the tremor occurred at 7:04 hours local time (3:34 hours GMT) and its epicenter was at 77.30 degrees longitude and 37.57 degreed latitude and in depth of 9 kilometers underground.

The epicenter of the quake was registered at 36 km of Hojdak, 48 km of Chatrud and 50 km of Shahdad.