Iran’s Parliament condemns Dutch MP’s impolite behavior

FNA- Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission slammed the insulting behavior of a Dutch lawmaker towards greeting cards sent by the Iranian embassy to that country’s officials and politicians.

The commission’s condemnation came after a Dutch MP dumped a Christmas gift he had received from the Iranian ambassador to the Netherlands.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran congratulates all Christians in the world on birth anniversary of the Jesus Christ,” reads the message which was issued at a meeting of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission. It also noted that the human act of the Iranian envoy was faced with an inhumane response from the Dutch official.

In reaction to the move, Iran’s embassy in The Hague had earlier said many women were among the recipients of the message of the Iranian Ambassador as well.

According to the Iranian embassy in the Netherlands, many Iranian nationals residing in the Netherlands have called the mission and in addition to denouncing the video and the act filmed in it, have called for the apology of the Dutch figure.