Iran exports 36 m/cu.m gas in 1 day

IRNA – National Iranian Gas Company Spokesman Majid Bojarzadeh said on Monday that the volume of gas consumption in the country on Sunday was 630 million cubic meters, of which 36 million cubic meters were exported to the neighboring countries.

Given the relative warm weather and decrease in home sector consumption, 160 million cubic meters of gas were allocated to power plant sector and at the same time, 91 million cubic meters of gas were allocated to big industries.

Bojarzadeh said home consumption had noticeable reduction on December 23 and from 485 million cubic meters lowered to 395 million.

Currently Turkey is the largest gas purchaser of Iran and by launching gas export pipeline to Basra, Iraq will turn to the largest gas importer from Iran by 40 million cubic meters daily.

In addition to Turkey and Iraq, Iran is exporting gas to autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which are not noticeable volume.