Kazatomprom plans to supply Uranium to Iran

Financial Tribune – Kazakh national company Kazatomprom plans to supply uranium to Iran after obtaining the permission of six major powers involved in the Iran nuclear deal, the company’s chairman announced.

“According to the UN Security Council resolution [on the Iran nuclear pact], the delivery of uranium concentrate to Iran can be possible only after the permission of the six countries—China, Germany, USA, France, Britain and Russia,” Galymzhan Pirmatov also said on Dec. 21, New Europe reported.

“Due to the fact that obtaining permission is delayed, Kazatomprom extended the contract with Iran until 2020. The delivery of uranium from Kazakhstan to Iran is planned during 2018-20, but after the permission of ‘the Six’.”

Pirmatov noted that the two countries signed a contract on the supply of natural uranium concentrate to Iran in April 2016.

Kazatomprom, based on the contract, had first planned to begin deliveries of uranium to Iran this year. Kazatomprom is a national operator in Kazakhstan for the import and export of uranium, rare metals and nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. Kazakhstan has been the world leader in the extraction of natural uranium since 2009.