Larijani: ‘ISIL terrorists of migratory nature, able to propagate to other countries’

MNA – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said “despite ISIL defeat, terrorism is not finished in the region, adding it has a migratory nature, propagating to other places.”

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani made the remark at Mehrabad Airport on Saturday.

He left Tehran for Islamabad to attend a three-day Speakers’ Conference being held at Islamabad from 23rd to 25th December, 2017, where other speakers of regional stakeholders including Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Russian Federation and Turkey are expected to participate along with their respective parliamentary delegations.

Larijani underlined that the participants in Islamabad event will discuss new ways to continue the fight against terrorism.

He noted “despite ISIL defeat, terrorism is not finished in the region yet,” adding “terrorism has a migratory nature, so they can rise in other countries.”

Referring to Russia and Pakistan and some other countries’ interest in holding the upcoming Islamabad conference, Larijani noted that “the big powers claim they are fighting terrorism in the region, while they are not,” adding “therefore, the regional countries should take their own measures to fight terrorism.”

The Parliament speaker went on to say that the countries in the region are now turning to a regional solution to fight terrorism, as other countries outside the region have not helped much in the case of Iraq and Syria, and only the regional countries have been effective in that regard.

Larijani added “maybe this (regional solution) is a new way and a new solution to deal with the challenges of terrorism.”

Larijani further explained “Pakistan has a lot in common with us in this regard, and the Russians have also contributed to the fight against terrorism in the past, and Turkey has entered the field in the past two years.”

He concluded that the conference will also include bilateral meetings aimed at examining ways to expand economic relations.