Iran rules out nuclear talks with US

IRNA – Iran will not negotiate with the United States on topics that are related to the country’s sovereignty, including the nuclear issue, a senior Iranian official said.

The door of talks is open to Washington, but there will not be any negotiations on sovereignty and nuclear issues, spokesman for Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Behrouz Kamalvandi told the Chinese Xinhua news agency.

The sides to the nuclear program, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), have agreed to their obligations, and now they should remain committed, he said.

Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany signed the agreement in July 2015. Under the agreement Iran receives economic sanctions relief in exchange for curbing its peaceful nuclear program.

‘We are committed to our obligations and we are going to fulfill all our responsibilities,’ the official said, adding that the deal had secured Iran’s benefits and the United States should respect its obligations too.

If the United States does not suspend the sanctions, Iran will reserve the right to respond by considering its own options, he said.

‘So far, the United States has tried to put pressures,’ Kamalvandi said.

US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration would not certify Iran’s commitment to JCPOA despite several reports by the international nuclear watchdog on Tehran’s full commitment to the deal.

The Iranian official also warned Washington against any infringement or new anti-Iran sanctions.

As long as the signatories to the deal observe it, Iran will remain to its obligations under the deal, he reiterated.