Zarif: Iran to lodge complaint against US accusations

IRNA – Tehran is to file a formal protest against the US to the United Nations Security Council, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday.

‘We follow up the baseless accusations made by the US in the UN through the UN Security Council; we will follow up the issue in the coming meetings, but of course, we have informed the UN sectary general about it,’ said Zarif in the Fifth Trilateral Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Nikki Haley showed parts of a missile and claimed that they were parts of the ones that had been provided by Iran and fired from Yemen to Saudi Arabia.

Zarif told IRNA that the move is a provocative, purposeful and dangerous. ‘They try to hide their support for the bombardment of the innocent Yemenis through such accusations.’

‘They also try to whitewash their other dangerous moves, including the one they made about the Holy Quds, which made the global community to condemn it.’

Commenting on the Caspian Sea littoral states’ meeting in Moscow, he said, ‘Several issues were discussed in the meeting, some contentious issues and determining the baseline, seabed and sub-seabed [resources] were deferred until the next meeting.’

The meeting on December 6 was about the legal regime convention of the Caspian Sea, and not about determining the shares; issues like not allowing non-littoral countries to use the Caspian Sea, not allowing military ships of non-littoral states to be present in the Caspian Sea, fishing and the environment were discussed, Zarif said.