US accusation of Iran arming Houthis could not be proven

IRNA – Iranian ambassador to the UK denounced allegations raised by US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley against Iran at the Defense Intelligence Agency stressing that such accusations could not be proven.

Haley accused Iran of supplying missiles to Houthi in Yemen. Iran rejected all those accusations saying it is an indicative of ‘US destructive, provocative and irresponsible role.’

Reacting to Haley’s allegations, Hamid Baeedinejad posted a series of tweets on Friday saying, ‘Nikki Haley in her propaganda show could not prove that :a/what exhibited was an Iranian missile, and if so, b/ the missile was exactly the one which hit the KSA airport (nobody trusts American just to say so), and c/ it had been transferred to Yemen after the UN res.’

He added, ‘Nikki Haley should also explain that how such large number of weapons could have been entered into Yemen territory while it is under a full blockade with all its airports and seaports closed under strict control preventing even the entry of food and medicine into the country.

“While Nikki Haley was staging its fake exhibition” Baeedinejad added: “Saudis with the US weapons attacked Yemen resulting to large killings.”

Iranian envoy to the UK stressed that US which is exporting hundreds of billions of dollars of arms to the Saudis to kill the innocents, lacks the legitimacy to investigate such issue.

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif dismissed Haley’s claim describing it as a ‘show’ shortly after she leveled them against Iran.

In another Twitter message on Friday, Zarif added, ‘On the very day US regurgitates Saudi & Emirati propaganda on Yemen, CAR [Conflict Armament Research] report confirms US & Saudi weapons end up in the hands of ISIS. With this US administration, it seems hypocrisy knows no bounds’.