Why is Boris Johnson fond of covert policy?

Basirat | Hanif Ghafari: The UK officials are attempting to resort to a covert policy so as to divert the world’s attention from their wrong doing acts and error making policies in the field of foreign policy. Thus, Iran’s diplomacy system along with senior officials should not allow the new UK policy being implemented.

Many political analysts deem John Boris’s trip to Tehran as a special one. He is believed to have some intentions and aims to touch on such as security convicts issues, JCPOA, and current events in the west of Asia. However, there are some crucial points needed to be taken into account.

1: During the last months specifically before his trip to Iran, he has been accused of being unable to fulfill some UK’s policies and targets by British politicians. He was severely criticized when he made a statement regarding Nazanin Zaqari as saying she had been in Iran for a course training reporters. As a result some UK officials including Jeremy Corbin who is the leader of labor party called on his withdrawal of his position. Moreover some of Boris’s buddies in conservative party expressed their disavowal to support him after Teresa May’s probable resignation. In the current juncture one of his aims to travel to Iran has been reviving his legal and juridical trait in the party. Certainly his personal and political intentions should be deemed carefully and not passed up.

2: The British foreign secretary has recently conferred with the US well known individuals of both republican and democrat parties regarding Iran’s nuclear deal. He has declared the UK compliance and support with the nuclear deal on his two day trip to Tehran. Nevertheless; London has been accused of violating the deal over the last two years. Some nuclear analysts believe that after the US, UK has been the most troublesome member of 5+1 powers to let JCPOA get implemented. In April 2017 the UK foreign and common wealth office designated Iran an unsafe place for businesses and also asked the merchants with entrepreneurs to take necessary steps before any investments.

The UK also was more of a hindrance at the time when Iran was about to make a purchase of 950 tons of Uranium and yellow cake. Thus this deal was not officially signed. Above all British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has constantly sought to differentiate between JCPOA violation and its change after Trumps recent controversial speech regarding the nuclear deal. In a controversial speech Boris stated that the US congress is only seeking to reform the nuclear deal and is not determined to renege it. The UK government has promised the US to make any endeavor to change JCPOA in favor of Washington. These changes follow as:

1: Elimination of those terms affiliated with time curtailment of the JCPOA also known as (the sunset)

2: Limiting Iran’s missile program

3: Inspection of Iran’s military sites

London seems agreeable to make these changes in the nature of the deal. Any remark by the UK officials regarding compliance with the nuclear deal is specifically a strategy to distract the world’s whole attention.

The UK policies regarding the West of Asia is another point needed to be cared .London’s policy have been inflicted an overwhelming defeat so that is why the British foreign secretary seems too concerned about the UKs progressive failures in the West of Asia. Within the last year the UK has undergone numerous failures in the region costing them too much. In Yemen, the UK direct weaponry support of Al Saud to slaughter Yemenis had no use and even more the continuation of war in Yemen has led to the UK feeling more unable and of course more defeated. Over the last five years the UK has made lots of endeavors to support Al Khalifa regime.Furthuremore they have supported Al Khalifa regarding Sheikh Isa Qasem’s house being surrounded by military forces. Training Yeminis police officers to suppress people is deemed another action of the UK governmental and security organizations to support abominable Al Khalifa regime in Manama.

Having considered all above points, prolongation of Bahrain crisis plus Al Khalifa regimes base getting weakened and undermined every day has led to the UK panic stations.

In both Iraq and Syria, the UK has been inflicted a lot more serious failures. In 2013 the UK along with the US tried so hard to create ISIL so as to utilize this terrorist group as a functional tool to dominate over the West of Asia. Nevertheless ISIL’s defeat in Syria and Iraq along with popular mobilization units devoting acts in above countries plus the resistance fronts increase in power all ruined the UK’s calculations.Thus,the British foreign secretary arrived in Tehran being fully aware of the UK policies failure has progressively increased compared to past. In this juncture, the UK senior officials all are trying to pretend to seem creditors and adhere to this policy. In fact this is the UK that have to be countable for its anti security and financial acts during the post JCPOA era against Iran. What is inevitable is that today Boris Johnson along with other UK officials have to make more statements to Iran and its nation. They can never be claiming for what they have done .The history clearly indicates that when UK confronting a serious crisis in its foreign policy, tries to resort to a covert policy rather than a public or let’s say an official one. Boris Johnson and other UK officials are well informed that following a public policy cannot defend themselves for the wrong doing acts they have done so far. As a result, Boris Johnson has no choice but confessing to UK defeat in the region.Plus, he has to state that his desired government has made deadly mistakes regarding Iran. Undoubtedly any UK official’s persistence to remain in this current juncture or putting more pressure on Iran would double the UK’S failures.