Veep: Iran’s security, stability exemplary

IRNA – Frist Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri described Iran’s security and stability as exemplary, saying that all the plots hatched against Iran in the region were doomed with God’s grace.

Addressing a session of Administrative Council of Khuzestan Province in the south of Iran late on Monday, he opined that Daesh was created to disturb Iran’s security, noting that the enemy’s plots are being foiled one after another.

Criticizing the US for its recent recognition of the Holy Qods as the Zionist regime’s capital, Jahangiri said that US President Donald Trump’s move is foolish in the true sense of the word and it’s stirred Muslims’ sentiments worldwide.

Contending that the move will fail, Jahangiri added that transfer of Israeli capital to Quds is a showing off move only, as it prompted the Muslims worldwide to show reaction.

“Many have pinned their hope to Iran. Therefore, measures should be undertaken soon to solve the problems,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to domestic problems, saying that people have certainly sustained damage from declining purchasing power and lack of suitable welfare.

Unemployment is one of the basic challenges which have displeased many of the youth, especially graduates, he said.

Noting that the problem is not limited to a special province, he said, “We should leave behind the challenges with the existing capacities and capabilities.”

Jahangiri arrived in Khuzestan late on Monday on a two-day visit to the province to inaugurate several major economic projects.

Minister of Agriculture Jihad Mahmoud Hojjati and Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Shariatmadari are accompanying first vice president during his visit to the province.