US decision to transfer embassy from Tel Aviv, unwise: Iran speaker

IRNA – Iranian parliament speaker described ‘unreasonable and unacceptable’ the recent decision made by the US President Donald Trump to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to holy Quds .

‘Even the US friends did denounce this unreasonable action,’ Ali Larijani said at the Majlis (Parliament) open session on Sunday.

Political figures and international organizations including the United Nations (UN) as well as all the European Union (EU) member states warned the US not to transfer its embassy to holy Quds (Jerusalem).

Larijani said that the US measure taken within the framework of ‘an organized plan’ with participation of certain countries is aimed at supporting the Zionist regime, normalizing relations with the regime and making the cause of Palestine forgotten.

‘None of the former US presidents has taken such an inappropriate move before,’ Larijani said.

He urged the Arab League and the Islamic countries to take a practical measure against the US decision to prevent the US from being more impudent.

Worshipers across Iran protested on Friday against the US decision and held rallies natiowide.