Behind the scene of Trump’s recognition of Quds as Israeli capital

IRNA | Hossein Mousavian: [US President] Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Quds as the capital of Israel should be looked at within a wider range and in relation with the newly-established union of the Zionists and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

In the Riyadh-Tel Aviv union, Tel Aviv is going to exploit all its capacities around the globe to counter Iran’s presence, role and leverage in the region, and Riyadh, too, will take some actions. Riyadh will pay for this opposition, end the Palestine issue in favor of Israel, materialize the recognition of Israel as a country among Arabs, stay with Tel Aviv to the end and avoids being only a fair weather friend.

The ties between Tel Aviv and the White House, and the current situation of the Zionist lobby – during Trump’s presidency- is so that it seems this is only the Tel Aviv that has the final say about Iran, the Middle East and the peace process. The coalition’s plan is to first cut the tale of the snake (Iran’s regional leverage) and then the head of the snake (Iran’s power).

Trump has held several sessions at the US National Security Council before his announcement of Quds as the Zionist regime’s capital on December 6.

Almost all the members of the UNSC opposed the decision. However, Trump did not pay slightest attention to ideas of his secretary of state, Pentagon, or even his advisors at the White House. Some of the Democrat and Republican luminaries and heads of some Western countries warned against the decision; but Trump decided not to take any of them into consideration.

The reason is that the Zionist regime has made Trump sure that first, [necessary] agreements have been made with the US Arab allies, and second, a few protests, and some statements will be issued [just] for a short time, and that would be over.

Israel has made Trump sure that the Arab states of the region are tied-up in their own internal crises, countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in line with such a decision made by the US and Israel, and that the Palestinians are presently in a weaker and more defenseless situation than never.

[Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman summoned [President of the Palestinian National Authority] Mahmud Abbas a few weeks ago and put forth a peace plan that shocked him. Abbas told bin Salman that his plan is even more ignominious than the peace plans suggested by the Zionists. Quds as the capital of Israel has been a part of bin Salman’s proposed plan.

“Now the conditions have changed; if you cannot accept the plan, you’d better resign,” bin Salman had told Abbas. He also had told that any hesitation in accepting the plan will eventually lead in the US’ unilateral recognition of the Quds as the Israeli capital.

Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence was a plan to disintegrate Iraq and make a small Israel right next to Iran, [Lebanese Prime Minister] Saad Hariri’s resignation was a plan to create a rebel in Lebanon and wipe out Hezbollah, [President of Yemen] Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rebelling against the Houthis [Ansarallah forces] was a plan to over throw the Houthi government, and finally Israel’s continual air raids to Syria was to weaken termination process of the Syrian crisis and to reconstruct the terrorist groups; all of these were parts of the coalition’s plan to cut the so-called “tale of the snake” and thank God that they didn’t succeed. However, the process will not discontinue any time soon and several plots are still on the agenda.

By announcing Quds as the capital of Israel, they are determined to rule out the two-state solution and create a single Jewish State. The White House and Tel Aviv are prepared for the protests in several countries, but they think the protests will only go on for some weeks and will abate soon.

In case that their analysis proves right, first, Trump will be the only US president to have agreed with the Congress 1995 decision to announce Quds as the Israeli capital; Trump is in a shaky position inside the US and this plan can secure him at least for another year, inasmuch as the Zionist lobby will resist against his removal.

Secondly, the situation of [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel is, if not worse than, similar to that of Trump’s in the US. Succeeding in making Quds the capital paves the ground to establish the unified Jewish State. Not only will it save Netanyahu from the crisis of financial accusations, but it will also introduce him as a hero for the Zionists.

Thirdly, Tel Aviv stance to manage the anti-Iran coalition and moving it toward further, vaster and more destructive actions will be strengthened.

The Islamic World’s reactions against the US decision to move its embassy to Quds will have the most decisive effect not only on Palestine, the Middle East, Arab World and the Muslim World, but it they will also clarify the fate of implementation of other anti-Iranian plots.

The best diplomatic reaction of Iran would be countering the overt invasion of the Muslim sanctities through Islamic-Arab World joint actions; otherwise, any unmeasured or unilateral move on the part of Iran will not only have no decisive effects on the new situation, but it may also provide the Zionists with a new pressure lever to divert the world attention from the Quds issue toward Iran and pave the way for further measures against Iran.

*Hossein Mousavian is a former Iranian diplomat and a present researcher at Princeton University, US