Iranian FM addresses Caspian Sea Ministerial meeting in Moscow

December 7, The Iran Project – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in Russian capital city of Moscow, on Monday (Dec 4), at the head of a diplomatic delegation.

The Iranian diplomat addressed the seventh ministerial meeting of five Caspian Sea littoral states (Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan) in Moscow.

Speaking upon his arrival in Moscow on Monday night, Zarif pointed to the negotiations over Convention on Caspian Sea legal status between five littoral states in Russia, saying no foreign military force can be deployed in the Caspian Sea.

Addressing the seventh ministerial meeting of five Caspian Sea littoral states, Zarif said that the littoral states can boost cooperation in all areas.

“It is a valuable opportunity to outline the prospects for the future of the Caspian Sea in the beautiful city of Moscow in the company of our colleagues,” said Iran’s foreign minister.

Hailing the perseverance of the littoral states in following up the case of Caspian Sea maritime regime, Zarif described the meeting as a sign of commitment of the 5 littoral states to dialogue and interaction.

“Talks which started at the level of director-generals and then followed by deputy foreign minister level of talks before the meeting of the foreign ministers and finally the summit of the heads of the littoral states has resulted so far of 4 editions of the Summit of Presidents of the Caspian littoral states, 7 rounds of foreign ministers meetings, and 49 rounds of task commissions,” he added.

The chief of Iran’s diplomatic apparatus continued, “The most significant achievements of the talks are the signing of the Tehran Convention and several environmental extension protocols. The signing of the security cooperation agreement, the Blue Water Reserves Agreement, the Climate Agreements and the Emergency Response Agreement in the Caspian Sea.”

Also at the event, Mr. Zarif called for expansion of ties in areas of leveling the tariffs and customs procedures, establishing a joint investment fund, creation of a common window, and movement towards the full wavering of visa between the 5 littoral states.

Moreover, Zarif tweeted on Wednesday a photo taken by the country’s official news agency (IRNA) to affirm that good-neighbor policy is Iran’s priority.

“Our neighbors are our priority. Anything possible when you (literally) have each other’s backs,” Zarif wrote in his Twitter account.

IRNA’s photographer captured the moment of the ministers entering the meeting hall while they were leading each other to the place.