Euro, USD continue rally

Financial Tribune- The two high-demand currencies, namely euro and dollar, continued their rallies on Monday to register record highs against the rial. The euro gained against rial on Tuesday to mark the European currency’s highest value in Tehran’s market since February 2013.

Euro changed hands for 50,950 rials in the open market on Tuesday to register a growth of 420 rials or 0.83% compared to Monday’s close. This is while the US dollar’s upward trend against rial also persisted to push the value of the American currency to another all-time high.

The US dollar was traded for 41,840 rials on Tuesday, which indicates a 200-rial gain compared to its previous day. Other popular foreign currencies in Tehran‘s market such as Turkish lira and Emirati dirham also experienced gains of 170 rials and 40 rials on Tuesday to change hands for 11,030 rials and 11,550 rials, respectively.