Iran aids Iraq, Syria to fight terrorism upon their request

MNA – Meeting with his Pakistani counterpart, Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani called for hosting the next counter-terrorism conference.

Ali Larijani sat with the Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan Raza Rabbani on the sidelines of international conference ‘Members of Parliament vs. Drugs’ underway in Moscow.

The Iranian Parliament speaker stressed the importance of economic issues saying “five billion dollar horizon for Iran-Pakistan business relations is a favorable one that has to be realized.”

Larijani also raised the subject of the counter terrorism conference at the level speakers of parliament in Pakistan and discussed it with the chairman of the senate of Pakistan.

Pointing out the subject of counter terrorism conference, Larijani said “it is most favorable that the heads of parliaments hold the conference. Due to the fact that most terrorists are immigrants, terrorism can cause problems for Iran and Pakistan in the future. Iran is ready to host the next round of the conference.”

Addressing the Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, Larijani said “your concerns over regional issues are genuine. Persian Gulf states should not have unreasonable expectations of Pakistan which is a powerful country. We should adapt our expectations in accordance with the conditions of this country.”

Having stressed the fact that some countries adopt adventurous measures in the region, Larijani said “they did things unprecedented in the history of humanity, which was to detain the prime minister of another country in their own country. In the siege of Yemen, they adopted inhumane conduct and they spread lies about Iran.”

Ali Larijani said “with respect to Yemen, we have on several occasions underlined that the problem should be solved through political agreements. They, however, insist on solving the problem with resort to military intervention. They did the same in Syria and although they failed, they caused extensive damage.”

The speaker of the parliament of Iran said “Iran helped Iraq and Syria to fight terrorism only upon their own request. But Iran and Pakistan play a greater role in maintaining peace in the region.”