Iran’s Rouhani inaugurates 1st Phase of Chabahar’s Shahaid Beheshti Port

December 3, The Iran Project – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani opened the first phase of Shahid Beheshti Port in the southeastern city of Chabahar on Sunday (Dec. 3) morning.

Shahid Beheshti Port will have four phases with an overall capacity of 77 million tons based on the long-term goal set for its development project.

A total of $1 billion have been invested on the development and equipment of Phase 1.

President Rouhani heading a high-ranking delegation arrived in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, on Saturday (Dec. 2) to inaugurate development projects and attend meetings with provincial officials.

The project was officially opened through a ceremony, attended by 60 foreign guests from 17 countries at the port located by the Oman Sea.

The project, due to its strategic location, linking the region to Central Asisa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), will revive the far southeastern areas of Iran in terms of development and employment.

.Prior to the inauguration of the first phase of Shahid Beheshti Port , he addressed a large gathering of people in the city of Zabol and also addressed university students in the southeastern Province of Sistan-Baluchestan.

Addressing a gathering in Zabol, he underlined Iran’s eagerness for all regional countries to be united and powerful, noting that Iran does not seek to compete with other regional countries on its path to development, the president said that Iran wants to have cordial relations with all regional countries and cooperate with them.

Referring to the ethnic and sectarian diversity in the province, the president said that in fact all the religious sects have their roots in Islam and Quran and all the Iranian ethnics have their roots in their Iranian origin.

Addressing the university students, President Rouhani said Daesh collapse is a great success for Iran, as defeat of Daesh was not only the defeat of a group; but it was also the failure of an international plot against the Middle East.

“Today, we face a very special situation in the region and worldwide, as it is a rare event in the history of the region that terrorists are easily moving throughout the region and we are the one who shoulder the heavy burden of fighting them while in our neighboring states some young rulers took office who lack sufficient experience,” said the president.