Top European Parliament official confers with senior Iranian officials

Nov 29, The Iran Project – Chair of the European Parliament’s (EP) group for relations with Iran arrived in Tehran on Saturday (Nov 25) heading a delegation.

In the three-day stay, Janusz Lewandowski, and his 10-manned entourage held talks with Speaker of Majlis (Iranian Parliament) Ali Larijani, Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and chairman of Iran-EP Parliamentary Relations Group Kazem Jalali.

Talking to EP, Larijani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s diplomacy is based on resolving disputes through peaceful negotiations.

Iran is committed to implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and all should never let baseless accusations leveled by the US and some of its allies in the region prevent the implementation of nuclear deal, he said.

The EU envoy, for his part, expressed regret over devastating quake in west of Iran and thanked for immediate rescue operation in the affected areas.

“We convey good messages on behalf of the EU irrespective to whatever decision might be taken by President Trump as the EU feels duty-bound to the implementation of the JCPOA and will stand besides Iran,” he said.

In a meeting with Lewandowski, Zarif urged full implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal by all the parties, Iran’s enjoyment from its benefits and removing banking restrictions under the deal.

Lewandowski also reaffirmed Europe’s full support for the JCPOA, urging all signatories to comply with the deal.

Talking to Jalali, the European official expressed pleasure over continued talks between Iran and Europe in various levels, adding that dialogues between the two sides on various aspects of relations are desirable.

The talks which will help develop a common understanding should continue, Lewandowski said.

Jalali, for his part, said European Parliament has a special status in Iran’s parliamentary diplomacy, , noting that given their high potentials in foreign policy, they can take suitable steps in line with facilitating bilateral ties.